Ready, Steady, tuh-weeeeeeeeet!

Ever get the feeling you’re not being listened to? Like, you’ve got some important stuff to say but the big wigs in suits are more interested in sweeping generalised statements about ‘Millennials’ and ‘Gen Y’ than actually stopping to ask what we want?

According to the Guardian, when David Cameron delivered a speech in 2006 calling for people to “hug a hoodie”, the British Prime Minister was trying to say that he got young people; that he saw them as loveable adolescents and not an urban menace.  Whether it’s about crime or immigration, education or identity it seems that people in suits the world over are increasingly preoccupied by youth. And they have good reason to be.

But are they close? And what do young people have to say for themselves? We’re about to find out in a crazy, unprecented experiment that will span 24 countries in 24 hours.

Tomorrow, Friday the 24th October, the Guardian Global Development Professionals and the Guardian Public Leaders networks will be organising a global tweetathon. Finally! An opportunity for young people and their advocates to give their own answers to the question: “How do we better engage young people socially, economically and politically?”

The Aussie leg is being hosted by 3things at 11am Friday and we really want to hear what you’ve got to say – whatever’s close to your heart, rocking your boat, making you mad, or what you want to put on the agenda. All tweet and conversation will be summarised and sent to the powers that be, so your voice will actually be heard.


Get Amongst it! It’s as easy as:

  1. Logging on to Twitter – we recommend getting there about 10.50am so you’ve got time to upload a pic and get organisde.
  2. Start tweeting to tell us and the world that you are taking part. Here is one tweet you could use: I’m joining @GuardianGDP’s #youthengage tweetathon in Australia on 24 Oct. To me engaging young people means [...]
  3. As your chat is about to start, take a picture of yourself and tweet it to @GuardianGDP
  4. Get vocal! Respond! Debate! Question! Add your 2 cents. And then some…. Don’t forget the #youthengage hashtag and to follow the conversation with it.

Still not sure how it works or what time the #YouthEngage discussion will be happening where you are, send an email

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Get Creative on Climate Change

Attention all young women!

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) is holding its World Parks Congress in Sydney from the 12th to 17th November.

1 Million Women is holding an event at the Congress on the 14th November, exploring the theme ‘Youth’s expression of climate change’.

As this global gathering only occurs once every 10 years this is an exciting opportunity not to be missed.

To celebrate this special occasion 1 Million Women is organising a competition challenging young high school aged women to think seriously about climate change.

Entrants must submit a short creative piece exploring the theme ‘youth expression of climate change’. It can be in the form of a song, dance, poem, monologue, short skit or film, artwork…or anything that can visually communicate climate change!

Your piece can embrace the challenges we face or it can be a positive inspiration for acting.

10 Winning entries will be chosen, including 6 lucky students who will have the opportunity to attend the World Parks Congress for a full day (valued at $110 each) and 4 winners will have their entries showcased via video at the event

This competition is open to students around Australia

Entries Close November 9th at midnight.

To find out more about the competition and the event click here!

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Your 3things for Social Change

Sunday morning was epic. I don’t usually say that because, let’s face it, Sunday mornings usually involve me feeling a little under the weather (through no fault of my own of course!) But last Sunday morning really was amazing.

10603721_10152343509552026_6035074311505072388_nWe were super excited at 3things to be sponsoring the supersized version of Vibewire‘s fastBREAK this month. And with a stellar lineup of  10 awesome speakers with 5 minutes each to give us their ’3things to change the world’ we were completely blown out of the water by what we heard! There is a video a coming your way soon  so stay tuned to hear the full wrap-up from all the speakers involved, but just for now here are our 3 highlights of the event, with 3things you can take forward and start doing right now to see some social change!

Gotta note though how hard it was to pick just three! All of the speakers were incredible, with such awesome insights to share so once we have the videos together you’ll be able to hear from them all too!

10662075_10152343507977026_5234356135846971345_o1. Sam McClean, the National Director of GetUp! give us some really insightful and practical 3things. The first – moving your money! Australian’s super is the biggest pool of money in the world so we should stop giving it to dirty super funds and consider investing it elsewhere. Change your energy company – do a bit of research and switch to ones with better ethical and sustainable business models. GetUp! has some awesome resources to get your started, so really sit down and make a few minor changes to where your money in being spent. And finally Sam told us to start complaining more. Grumpy old grandmothers are always to ones to complain, and always the ones heard, so if we want things to change then we need to start complaining! Tell your radio, newspaper, magazine that you don’t like what they’re publishing. Use your voice and complain away my friends. Apparently it works!


Houseofriot2. Our second pick was Ollie Henderson from House of Riot. Ollie said she never thought that politics were for her – it always seemed so inaccessible and removed from our daily lives. But Ollie used her platform as a model to make a splash and get involved in politics in a really fun way, and with a big F you to the things she was unhappy with. So – 1. Fashion can be a force for change. 2. Politics are for everyone. And 3. Use what you’ve got. If you’re a model, dancer, writer, painter you can use your platform and your art to create conversations and change. Any form of protest is beautiful!


10662174_10152343507772026_5613186869112656245_o3. And our last pick was the man James Colley. 1. Give a shit (not literally!) 2. Get a shit (what do you need to get started) and 3. Be the shit (find your audience and earn their attention). Translation: What do you care about? What do you need to do something about it? And once you’re ready to go out and do it find some mates, pals, friends, people who believe in it too and you are on your way to making some serious change.


Like we said it was soooo hard to pick just three and we promise some video content your way very soon. Check out the rest of the speakers and their bios here and come back for the rest in a few days! In the meantime, why don’t you pick your 3things for social change? See whats hot, get inspired by others or by how much time you have over at our Add your 3things page.

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The Life of an Oxfam Intern

Describe a typical day in the Sydney Oxfam office huh?

Well it wouldn’t be a normal morning unless, let’s call him Geo* makes those sitting around him giggle in their seats. He potentially has one of the most contagious laughs i’ve ever heard, which is heard on average around once or twice every sixty minutes. Think the joker laugh, minus the creepiness, although he has already asked Siobhan (young and blonde) to print this out and read it to him, so take that as you will.

Around midday there’s usually some banter between Jake and Siobhan, whom by the afternoon have usually teamed together and throw the banter in Kate’s direction. Later in the afternoon there’s usually a conversation between Geo and myself about the amount of stale mints I eat (which I should add were given to me by him) and throughout the whole day I’m given constant support, encouragement and direction from my mentor (and favourite) Melissa who on my first day told me that the dress code leans more towards the ‘casual’ in ‘smart casual,’ stating that footwear is optional. She also defends me when the Jake and Siobhan duo turn my way; always questioning what I’m eating, what glass I choose to drink tea from and requesting the strange (a shower photo shoot anyone?) Oh and did I mention we practice yoga in the office?

Yup, the Oxfam Sydney Office is a fantastic place to work.

In addition to the team who never fail to impress me, who work so hard and have their (bare) feet placed firmly on the ground, the substance of the work is fantastic.

As i’m sure you already know, Oxfam is predominantly concerned with making the world a fairer, more just, more sustainable place to live, so all of the work that i’ve conducted is in some way or another relevant to these concerns. On any given day I could be writing blog posts, gaining signatures for various petitions, participating in a photo shoot (yes, that’s me below!), tagging along to meetings with potential partners or having a ‘milkshake meeting’ (yep it’s exactly that-a meeting with milkshakes) to brainstorm the best ways to engage a youth audience with some pretty heavy topics.


In order to give you a better idea of what it’s like to be a volunteer/intern here at Oxfam i’ve been asked to answer some questions.

Tell us what you’ve been working on at Oxfam for the last little while;

Until recently I was mostly helping with the Eat Local, Feed Global public event called ‘Fast Food’ which was held on the 18th of September. It was a really great event to help design, implement and attend, and to see all of the hard work from everyone involved pay off so well.

What have you learnt?

I’ve learnt that flexibility and versatility are indispensable for an organisation like Oxfam, as there’s so many different ways to get involved and to put your unique skills to use. I also discovered what interests me the most and least. I won’t bore you with the details but basically i’ve known for a while now that ‘human rights’ is the general career path I would like to walk down but I hadn’t figured out any of the details. As a result of working for more than one of the teams here in the Sydney office and having more coffee chats than my heart can handle, I was able to really clarify a then quite cloudy area of my mind.

What do you like most about 3things and the Youth Engagement Program?

I really like the energy and the forever present can-do attitude. I also really love the feeling of being surrounded by like-minded people who come together to make and create real change.

What would be your advice to other people wanting to intern, either at Oxfam or other NGOs?

Without a doubt in this world-do it. Take advantage of any opportunity you’re given. It’s a competitive field with loads of capable people out there, so any extra work experience or networking opportunities you’re given, don’t let them slide by.

What are your 3things to change the world?

1. Encourage anyone who will listen to get behind a cause/campaign that they really believe in and to stick with it!

2. Starting regular conversations about what’s going on around the world to make some tricky issues understandable and known to everyone.

3. Dedicate my career to making the world a better place to live.

So in summary if you have the opportunity to get some inside experience at one of the most recognised and respected humanity organisations in the world, grab it with both hands and do.not.let.go.

Park Photoshoot

Whichever team you work within, from the Youth Engagement Program (YEP) team to the Finance team, you’re sure to gain invaluable knowledge and network with some truly incredible people.

*Names have been changed in order to avoid any future interns/volunteers pre-judging the staff members.

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curryIn celebration of Fair Food Week, happening as we speak (10th-19th October) why not get creative with your food and cooking and share it on social media.

Fair Food Week has teamed up with Flavour Crusader and are offering over $900 worth of prizes for entries on Facebook, Instagram Twitter using the hashtag #MyFoodStory, that show your magnificent produce (eg. your farm or garden) and dishes (eg. delicious creations you have cooked)

Prizes will be awarded for ‘Best Story’, ‘High Impact’, and ‘Most Creative’

Click here to enter,

Entries close October 19

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