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Checked out our #hidden campaign yet? We’re hitting up brands like BONDS to publish the location of their factories.

We have already been in contact with a few companies on Facebook and have received some pretty vague and BS responses. So as a handy little guide we’ve put together this FBA to make your life a little easier – welcome to the Frequent Bull**** Answers!

If someone answers your questions with a bit of BS feel free to retort back with one of these. If you’re not sure how to respond then just hit us up at 3things and we can advise you from there.

If they say: “We don’t publicly disclose our factories as doing so would give our competitors opportunity to access our sources.”

You can say: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Levi and Timberland have all been disclosing their factories lists for a number of years now without any problems about their competitors and their privacy information. H&M have also recently published their full factory lists as well as Kmart Australia who has started with their Bangladesh suppliers – so would you consider joining this best practice and publishing your lists of suppliers?

“We have a … Group Audit Policy which outlines in detail the ethical and responsible manufacturing practices we expect from our suppliers. Each factory, whatever its previous results, must be audited no less frequently than once per year.”

Okay great to hear that you audit your factories but do you release the results of these audits? We need to be able to see what kind of problems have been picked up in factories – and more importantly if they have been resolved.

Prior to the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, two of the factories inside it had been audited but safety risks had not been identified. We need you to publish the names of these factories so that any group (local NGO or union) can independently visit the factory site and talk to the workers. We have discovered that workers can be too scared to tell auditors about problems at factories for fear of losing their jobs. Workers are much more likely to talk to an independent group outside of the factory.

Kmart have published their Bangladesh supplier list and have committed to publishing suppliers in other countries this year – will you also take this step?

“The … Group has agreed on a Code of Conduct to be adhered to by any factory making goods for sale within any of their divisions. We would like to stress further that being a signatory to a code in itself is not a guarantee that exploitation will not take place. That is why we have taken further practical steps to ensure that our garments are ethically produced.”

Ok can you tell me what practical steps you are taking? Are you ensuring that workers are receiving a living wage rather than the base minimum wage? I understand that the minimum wage in most countries means that workers are still living in poverty.

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“From A to G and everything in between” BONDS is for boobs and butts everywhere, right?

But there are some not-so private parts of theirs that don’t need to be covered up, namely the factories where their undies are being made.

BONDS is part of the Pacific Brands Group, who also own some of our other much loved labels like Berlei, Jockey and Sheridan. Last year, after the horrific Rana Plaza factory fire in Bangladesh, Pacific Brands signed onto the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord.

But we want them to go one step further and publish the location of these factories.

Companies need to publicise the location of their factories. If they stay hidden there is no way we can be 100% sure how the people making our clothing are getting treated. Issues like whether workers are being paid a living wage, how safe their work environment is and whether they have access to unions are all the things that our companies like Pacific Brands are responsible for. If we can’t get in there to conduct unannounced, independent and third-party inspections we have no idea about how workers, mostly women, are being treated. In a country like Bangladesh, where over 1800 people have been killed in factory fires so far, it’s pretty important that we know this stuff.

We’ve launched the campaign hidden to pressure BONDS and Pacific Brands to take action.

So here’s the plan:

1) Like BONDS on Facebook

2) Share the above image + text: “Hey BONDS, I really love your undies but I care about worker’s rights as well. I want you to publish the location of your factories so I can keep buying undies that really are made for women everywhere.”

3) Hashtag #3thingsoxfam and #hidden and if you can email us (3things@ a screen shot of the convo.  We’ll track the conversation and make sure you’re getting the answers you need.

Done all of that and had a response? Check out our Frequent Bull*** Answers to see conversations we’ve had with other companies. 


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3things you can do for the #G20

This week sure is hotting up in Australia, and it has something to do with the 20 world representatives getting together for the G20 Summit in Brisbane this week. But even more so, it has a lot to do with climate change.

Because climate change, aka one of the biggest threats to global economies has been removed as a standalone item from the agenda of the G20. Seems a tad silly when the very same G20 countries responsible for 80% of carbon pollution also have access to sustainable solutions.

Equally important is the issue of financial inequality. Already, half of the world’s wealth is owned by just 1% of the population. The gap between the rich and the rest is growing, and Australia is not immune to this.

So what are 3things YOU can do about this?

  1. Get hashtagging on social media and hassle up a storm with the rest of the world with #onmyagenda, and tweet our world leaders personally.

2. Sign the petition to urge our Prime Minister, Tony Abbot to tackle inequality at the G20 and #evenitup.

3. If you’re in Sydney, head over to Bondi on Thursday to break a world record to let Tony Abbot know that climate change is worth talking about at the G20, by joining other Aussies and bury your head in the sand. Literally.

bondi beach

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3things on the Ebola Crisis

If you are anything like us, you’re probably a little bit concerned and perhaps confused about what the hell is going on with Ebola right now. Up until now, we had only really heard of it in passing but currently in West Africa the Ebola outbreak has reached epidemic proportions and infection rates are doubling every 20 days. We wanted to give you the low down on what exactly Ebola is, what Oxfam Australia is doing to respond to the crisis and more importantly what you can do to help us stop it from getting worse.

10253747_10152333929911216_7700501983663952103_nEbola is an acute, mostly fatal disease. Transmission of Ebola is through direct contact with blood/secretions of an infected person. There are no vaccines and incubation period ranges from 2 to 21 days. Not to scare you but if you are infected with Ebola the symptoms are acute and it is unfortunately mostly deadly. Now that’s no reason to go all American Fox News ‘we’re all gonna die’ on us, but it is reason enough to appreciate the danger of medical staff who are contributing to the humanitarian response. And it’s reason enough to find out what three ways you can assist, direct from your mobile phone.

Oxfam’s humanitarian response to the crisis mostly involves getting people urgent treatment, providing water for treatment and isolation centres and supplying protective equipment and hygiene kits. Each day, treating a single Ebola patient requires 52.8 gallons of water, 20 gallons of bleach, 8 pairs of rubber gloves and about 3 bodysuits. Much of the water, along with bleach, is used in hand and boot washing stations and disinfecting every surface that comes into contact with infectious fluids. There are three key countries we are working in – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. However our programs also are targeting neighbouring countries for prevention programs including mass public information campaigns over the radio.

untitledAs you can see the response is a costly one. People in West Africa are frightened. Ebola is a really scary virus. But we want to try and mitigate that fear and hysteria by providing information, prevention and medical assistance wherever we can to stop the spread before it becomes unmanageable. And because we need your help to do that so here are the top 3things you can do for the Ebola:


  1. Easy. Take a selfie with the #stopthespread hashtag and upload to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Sign the Oxfam Australia petition to tell Tony Abbott to act now on Ebola by donating time and much needed funds towards the humanitarian response.
  3. Donate yourself! Every dollar counts and if you can afford the extra change this week it really helps us to buy face masks, hygiene kits and other materials needed in the response.
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3things I want for Christmas

I was minding my own business, just popping in to the shops for my weekly groceries, when my bread and milk run was interrupted by the sight of Christmas trees, decorations and a playlist to match…


Now I’m no Grinch, but good grief! It made me realise, that crazy, hustly-bustly, shopping-til-midnight, family-feasts-galore season is creeping up. Christmas is coming, folks.

And it’s definitely one of those things that I LOVE celebrating. -Especially the whole giving and receiving part on Christmas day. This year though, for me, I’m gonna try and steer clear of commercial goods. Oxfam’s Gift Shops offer sweet somethings that ooze originality and fairness for ALL involved in the creation of the product. #Winning!

In 3things style, here’s my three picks from the 2015 catalogue:

1. Ladies play a vital part in our lives. For example, if you’re reading this, you were likely brought into the world by one. With Emma Watson putting feminism into the spotlight with her speech at the UN’s #HeForShe campaign this year, and others such as #likeagirl, and Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism making the rounds in cyberspace this year, what better than the gift that celebrates beautiful, diverse, unique women from all over the world?

women of the world calendaSpruce up your room, wall or fridge, and pencil in all your 3things events in this 2015 wall calendar. Alternatively, The World in your Kitchen Calendar is also a bright, healthy addition for anyone who loves food and has adventurous tastebuds! It features 12 delicious vegetarian recipes too, so will be a great motivator if you’re aspiring to expand your cooking horizons in 2015!




2. Self-dubbed, Catdle. Half cat, half candle.

AND it keeps the mozzies away. Perfect for those summer barbecues, picnics, beach and camping trips. Cute AND functional.

Need I say more, really?



chai tea


3. I can’t lie, I’d be absolute tea-lighted if any of these landed under my Christmas tree this year. But, I am probably most intrigued by Zhena’s Gypsy Chai Tea Sampler Tin. A combo of chocolate, coconut, caramel and hazelnut chai teas, um, YES PLEASE!!!

I can totally also vouch for the Oxfam Fair Trade Green Tea and Black Tea, staples which I sip whenever I’m in the office. Wouldn’t be half bad, paired with a piece of Oxfam Fair Trade chocolate or two! (The milk choc block with coffee nibs is addictively delicious!)

For those who have EVERYTHING, or those friends who are just that little bit unique, how’s about a goat (possibly as cool as Taylor Swift’s back up singer), guitar lessons for underprivileged kids, or even an emergency loo?

Starting from $9, you are bound to put a smile on more than just one face this Chrissy.

Check them all out here.

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