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3things is a movement for global goodness. We believe if each of us take small positive steps, together we can make some big changes.


So whether you've got 3 minutes, 3 weeks or more, you can do 3things to change the world...

An initiative of Oxfam Australia.


people are doing...


things to help change the world

Your 3things

Hakiim's 3things, from Uganda
  • 1

    Eliminate tribalism
  • 2

    Smile and greet my neighbours to promote friendship in my neighbourhood
  • 3

    Encourage girls to speek their ming

What difference does 3things make?

  • Rockin’ the vintage look

    By clothes swapping & op shopping, you’re reducing landfill & the energy that goes into making new garments.

  • Buying fair trade

    Choosing fair trade means you’re helping farmers get a decent, stable price for their work.

  • Appreciating your food

    With every bite we can support the people who produce our food, and who has access to it.

  • Supporting ethical brands

    By being aware of who's making your clothes and how, you're helping to support a sweat-shop free world.

  • Volunteering

    Many organisations around the world couldn’t survive without volunteers. Sign up & feel good!

  • Riding your pushy

    It not only makes you look good, it’s also better for the environment.

  • Standing up for gender justice

    While you might not know it, you can start being a gender justice hero regardless of gender or geography.

  • Loving H20

    We’re lucky in Australia to have access to clean drinking water. Help make this a reality for everyone.

  • Being the change you want to see

    As Gandhi famously said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Get some inspiration here.

  • Supporting Indigenous Equality

    Be part of the movement to ensure all Australians have equal access to employment, health and more.

  • Reducing, reusing & recycling

    Yes we all know the importance of recycling, but there’s more that you can do to be sustainable.

  • Embracing your inner advocate

    People power works. Don’t take our word for it; check out some of the recent wins on 3things.

  • Smiling more often

    True- smiling lifts your mood, reduces stress, increases productivity, produces empathy. The list goes on..

  • Being critical of the media

    By being discerning of what the media presents to us, we can make up our own mind about the world.

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