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Local Flavours, Global Thinking

By: Kate Roff, posted in:
19 Aug 2014.
As we draw closer to World Food Day, it’s only fair to have a look at our own backyard, and consider what Australia brings to both the local and the global scene. Turns out, our own backyard is awesome, with a huge variety of artisan delicacies stamping regions all around our country with culinary “must-taste” icons. Read the full story »

Dessert in dystopia: The future of our food

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Environment Sustainability
15 Aug 2014.
Imagine a world without peanut butter. Or chocolate. It's not the first thing we might consider when we think of 'food security', but the consequences of climate change could very much make the humble toast topping a thing of the past. Enter Ghost Food Truck, a concept that delivers a true 'scents' of what the food future looks, smells and tastes like...minus the food. Read the full story »

3 Food Trends to Make You Smile

We hear the doom and gloom when it comes to food, but here's some good news. From munching on bugs to communal feasting, there's some pretty interesting + inspiring food trends happening at the moment. Read on to discover what's been happening in the world of food and why we should feel good about it! Read the full story »

When and what should you donate to Charity?

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Students Poverty Volunteer
11 Aug 2014.
3things intern Jemma recently had a discussion with a friend about volunteering and charitable giving: is it better to accumulate wealth and donate once you have a reasonable living surplus? Or should you give small amounts now when you can? Are people responsible enough to make the decision on how much they need to live, and when they could afford to give some back to charity? Jemma explores these questions and looks at ways you can still contribute to making change, even if the purse strings are a little tight! Read the full story »

Spot of seaweed farming, anyone?

By: Kate Roff, posted in: Global village Environment Humanitarian
04 Aug 2014.
The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries to Climate Change but fortunately there's a new farming trend which is helping to support Filipino farmers affected by Climate Change..... Read the full story »

Living Green: what the City of Sydney is doing about sustainability

By: 3things, posted in: Tech Environment Sustainability
01 Aug 2014.
With our federal politicians at loggerheads over the repeal of the carbon tax and its proposed replacement, the City of Sydney has take the initiative to improve sustainability in Australia’s largest metropolis. Jump on the bandwagon and live green, as the City of Sydney has dedicated itself to deliver sustainable change. Read the full story »

People power strikes again

By: 3things, posted in: Food Environment
29 Jul 2014.
After 2 months of campaigning, we are thrilled to announce that General Mills (the makers of Old El Paso and Latina past) who were once ranked last on climate change policies on our Behind the Brands scorecard has committed to become a true climate leader. How? By setting targets to reduce emissions, participate in real climate advocacy. And we have you to thank! Read the full story »

Symbolic? Yes. But Important Nonetheless

The Indigenous communities of Australia have come a long way since the 1967 Referendum, and yet much remains the same. They are more likely to be incarcerated, less likely to be well-educated or even literate, and turn to alcohol abuse in disproportionate numbers. We look at why constitutional recognition is much more than a bit of paper. Read the full story »

Op Shop Chic: How to bring clothes back from the brink (and look totally fab doing it).

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Fashion Sustainability
22 Jul 2014.
Although Ethical Fashion month is well and truly over, you might have decided that fashion is how you're going to make a difference! First of all; Well done you! But what's next? On the back of the initiatives such as Buy Nothing New Month, buying second hand clothes is getting more and more positive exposure. But what about those special occasions, the ones that require something really fancy? Well, we here at 3things are willing to bet that you could find something to wear for any at your local op shop, so much so that, we're gonna go one better, and give you some examples, to prove that op-shopping isn't just about oversized knits and stretchy pants (not that either of these are bad things?) Read the full story »

Under paid and under recognised... wait women are what?

By: Felicity Wainwright, posted in: Politics 3things Gender Human Rights
18 Jul 2014.
In a world riddled with injustices and a history that contains too many large scale atrocities to count, I still find it so difficult to swallow that women aren't considered equal with men. No i'm not talking about ignoring science and objectivity and denying the undeniable differences between the two genders. I'm talking about equal pay for equal work and recognition of all work.... Read the full story »

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