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Op Shop Chic: How to bring clothes back from the brink (and look totally fab doing it).

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Fashion Sustainability
22 Jul 2014.
Although Ethical Fashion month is well and truly over, you might have decided that fashion is how you're going to make a difference! First of all; Well done you! But what's next? On the back of the initiatives such as Buy Nothing New Month, buying second hand clothes is getting more and more positive exposure. But what about those special occasions, the ones that require something really fancy? Well, we here at 3things are willing to bet that you could find something to wear for any at your local op shop, so much so that, we're gonna go one better, and give you some examples, to prove that op-shopping isn't just about oversized knits and stretchy pants (not that either of these are bad things?) Read the full story »

Under paid and under recognised... wait women are what?

By: Felicity Wainwright, posted in: Politics 3things Gender Human Rights
18 Jul 2014.
In a world riddled with injustices and a history that contains too many large scale atrocities to count, I still find it so difficult to swallow that women aren't considered equal with men. No i'm not talking about ignoring science and objectivity and denying the undeniable differences between the two genders. I'm talking about equal pay for equal work and recognition of all work.... Read the full story »

Hey, G20 2014 - gender equality is kind of a big deal

By: Sarah McBride, posted in: Poverty Gender Human Rights
15 Jul 2014.
Did you know that female graduates will earn $5000 less in their first year out of university than their male counterparts? With the SAME DEGREE? And that Aussie women need to work an extra 64 days a year to earn the same as blokes doing the same job? Australia has presidency of the Group of Twenty in 2014 - and the Leaders Summit is being held in Brisbane. Sarah McBride, our gender champion blogger, explores why it's so important to urge leaders to address global gender inequality, and how this will actually reduce poverty and encourage development. Read the full story »

$10,000? Challenge Accepted.

You've heard of crowd funding before, and you know of its' capabilities, but have you heard of the Changemakers Festival Crowdfunding Challenge? It's pretty simple, place your great idea onto the StartSomeGood website and you could receive a share of $10,000 to really develop those thoughts. Challenge accepted? Read the full story »

Trailwalkers, it's Not Too Late!!

By: Lucy, posted in: Events Sport Community Poverty Volunteer Human Rights
10 Jul 2014.
Oxfam's Trailwalker is for everybody. Are your friends always questioning your fitness capabilities (you: 'I went for a ride this morning!' … them: 'on a bicycle or the back of a motorbike?')? Then sign up and show em' whatchyu got! And for those who when you take one of those 'what's your ideal weekend' quizzes your answers generate something like: you like to spend any spare time in the great outdoors catching fish with your bare hands, rock climbing with no equipment, and mountain biking with no helmet. Then Trailwalker is right up your alley. Read the full story »

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Taking shorter showers, using less electricity, eating less meat and dairy.-there's lots of little things you can do to reduce the impacts of Climate Change. Read on as Kate Roff suggests 5 small ways to make a big difference on the climate change scene... Read the full story »

The magic of combining beauty with social change

I can't get enough of Tim Tam slams - there's something so fantastic about combining a delicious Tim Tam with your favourite hot drink. That great feeling can also be achieved by coordinating two other wonderful things: your beauty products with the feeling you get by helping to bring about social change! Read the full story »

Fairphones: now that's clever technology.

By: Lucy, posted in: Sustainability
30 Jun 2014.
Would you pay $9 more for your smartphone if it guaranteed better working conditions for the person who made it? The Fairphone is an “ethical” phone in the sense that materials for its manufacture are obtained from sources that don’t contribute to the arms trade, it emphasizes reuse rather than disposability and establishes fair pricing for people involved in its production. Read the full story »

Waste Deep: A brilliant video binge, plus bonus nuggets of wisdom

Winter is all about afternoons under comfy crochet blankets, bowls of soup and steady internet connections. For us urban dwellers, this sounds blissful, and yet being wrapped up in a crochet cocoon males it very difficult for us to stay in touch with where that butternut pumpkin soup we are going to have for lunch came from (and where the little sachet it came in is going). Thankfully, our lovely friends at Sustainable Table has made a great little documentary-ette, Waste Deep (clever) for us to mull over of an afternoon. They've pulled together a bunch of environmental and sustainability advocates, including Sarah Wilson, Tim Silverwood from Take 3 and my fav lade Tamara DiMattina, to share with us a bounty of tips and tricks to reduce your wastage and live a more sustainable life (that go beyond filling up the old recycling bin). Check it out! Read the full story »

'What about me?' Said the bee

By: Lucy, posted in: Food Environment health
24 Jun 2014.
Bumblebees are among the intellectual giants of the insect world. They learn the locations of landmarks relative to their nest, and are able to navigate accurately huge areas of any landscape. They quickly learn which flowers are the most rewarding, and how best to collect the rewards swiftly, using the least energy. They even use the faint smell of previous bee visitors to tell them which flowers are likely to have been emptied, and avoid them in favour of those with a full tank. Clever lil cookies huh! Find out why our survival is tied to theirs, and what this has to do with Beyonce and Nicholas Cage. Read the full story »

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