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Global Warming=Beer Decline Warning

By: Felicity Wainwright, posted in: Food Environment
14 Apr 2014.
If you enjoy chocolate, beer and/or apples, unbury the term ‘Climate Change’ from your high school memories and place it into your immediate vocabulary. It’s no longer just a scientific term, it’s also become something which is threatening the existence of our most favoured foods. Read the full story »

Farting Around the Facts

By: Kate Roff, posted in:
14 Apr 2014.
Climate Change is happening 'weather' we'd like to believe it or not, but is there more to the story? Surely the stats aren't telling us all we need to know? Wonder no more, Kate Roff goes in search of some clarification when it comes to climate change and cow farts, sorry – “livestock emissions”. Read the full story »

Go ethical: it's so hot right now.

By: Lucy, posted in: 3things Ethical Fashion Month Fairtrade
13 Apr 2014.
The shocking and dangerous conditions of retail factory conditions is not a new thing, we've known for a while of tiny wages, forced child labour, unsafe working protocols, inhumane hours and cramped conditions. More than 17 years’ of research and experience has made it clear to Oxfam that sweatshop conditions are the norm in the global clothing industry throughout Asia, not the exception. Read the full story »

Swapping Powerlessnes For Social Change

With the Syrian conflict being far from over, many of us feel powerless in the face of the staggering numbers. However one Bristol street artist, Ryan Kai, chose to bring awareness to the crisis through creativity, by painting the Love Syria mural for Oxfam, in July 2013, in Stokes Croft - an area known for its vibrant art and colourful murals. He also very generously answered some of our questions on the subject: Read the full story »

Seriously wasted.

By: Margaret Tran, posted in: Food Environment
07 Apr 2014.
Did you know that it's estimated about one third of food produced in the world is lost or wasted? That’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food. Every year. That crazy amount of food would take up 1.4 billion hectares of land. You wouldn’t think it, but food waste is also a pretty hefty contributor to global warming and climate change. How, you ask? Margaret Tran sums up the top 3 unexpected ways food waste is linked to climate change and looks at some new ways of looking at the problem. Read the full story »

Up Up and Away Part 2: Tips on how to best get your Op Shopping on

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Fashion Craft Environment 3things Community
04 Apr 2014.
The humble Op Shop is not only an extension of aid institutions such as Oxfam, it's also a veritable treasure trove of goods and garments just waiting to be snatched from the jaws of landfill. In Part Two of her Upcycling series, Tegan shares with us her best tips for getting the most out of an op shopping trip and demonstrates how to come up with the (upcycled) goods. Read the full story »

3things sits down with Lucy Siegle

By: Simone, posted in: Fashion Profile Ethical Fashion Month
02 Apr 2014.
As part of the our Ethical Fashion Season 3things sat down with journalist, author and creator of the “Green Oscars” Lucy Siegle during her visit to Sydney for the All About Women Festival. Her book “To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World?” has become an ethical fashionista’s bible and one that encourages us all to look underneath the seams of our clothes and towards the stories behind the labels. Read the full story »

Marketing Mindfulness

3things' Ethical Fashion Season - which is all about knowing the clothes you're buying are made ethically - is a jolly good time to reflect on the world of advertisements around you. Lucy takes us on a journey into the deep recesses the trickery employed by marketers and advertising and via jingles and Banksy looks into how to be a conscious consumer. Read the full story »

Don't Palm It Off

By: Emily Chantler, posted in: Food Environment health 3things Fairtrade
01 Apr 2014.
For Emily, palm oil has always been a bit of an eco buzzword – somehow she knew it was best to avoid it, had a vague idea of its link to orangutans and high-fived with the rest of them when Cadbury removed it from their chocolate. It wasn’t until she started to research and write this blog post, however, that she realized how truly ubiquitous and detrimental a product Palm Oil actually is. Here she gives you the low down on what all the fuss is about, some cool product substitutions and how you can flip unsustainable palm oil the middle finger. Read the full story »

The Fox and the Found: The Power of a Great Childhood Story

Albert Einstein said "If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." At the risk of sounding nerdish, books are hands down the most valuable gifts I ever received as a child. What better choice for a meaningful gift than your favourite childhood book? I started thinking that I should create a master list of all the favourite childhood classics with a great moral lesson and forever have the greatest children’s present guide on hand…So I went on a little vox-pop mission with some of my mates to find out whether they had a fave child hood book that taught them a very important lesson. Read the full story »

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