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Up Up and Away Part 2: Tips on how to best get your Op Shopping on

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Fashion Craft Environment 3things Community
04 Apr 2014.
The humble Op Shop is not only an extension of aid institutions such as Oxfam, it's also a veritable treasure trove of goods and garments just waiting to be snatched from the jaws of landfill. In Part Two of her Upcycling series, Tegan shares with us her best tips for getting the most out of an op shopping trip and demonstrates how to come up with the (upcycled) goods. Read the full story »

3things sits down with Lucy Siegle

By: Simone, posted in: Fashion Profile Ethical Fashion Month
02 Apr 2014.
As part of the our Ethical Fashion Season 3things sat down with journalist, author and creator of the “Green Oscars” Lucy Siegle during her visit to Sydney for the All About Women Festival. Her book “To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World?” has become an ethical fashionista’s bible and one that encourages us all to look underneath the seams of our clothes and towards the stories behind the labels. Read the full story »

Marketing Mindfulness

3things' Ethical Fashion Season - which is all about knowing the clothes you're buying are made ethically - is a jolly good time to reflect on the world of advertisements around you. Lucy takes us on a journey into the deep recesses the trickery employed by marketers and advertising and via jingles and Banksy looks into how to be a conscious consumer. Read the full story »

Tales from Vietnam: Where Everyone's a Winner

Aah, Vietnam… The land of motorbikes transporting all kinds of cray (water buffalo just hangin' out on the back); pho and a beer for >$5; jungles, beaches, and bad tattoo decision making. It's no myth when people warn ya of crossing the road in Hanoi or Saigon - I have feared for my toes on almost every road crossing. Read the full story »

Fashion Revolution Day: #insideout

On the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, Fashion Revolution Day is inviting you to channel your love of fashion into remembering its victims and raising awareness of the fashion industry's biggest challenges. We want to celebrate the power this industry has to make big change happen fast and we want you to help us! Read the full story »

Tushare: making giving easy.

So what’s the difference between trash and treasure? And how and why do we decide between the two? Well James from TuShare suggests that quite simply, it is easier to chuck your old items in the bin, then to organise them to be sold, or donated, or gifted secondhand. Read the full story »

Up Up & Away Part 1: Upcycling with the New Joneses + Retrash

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Fashion Craft Community
28 Feb 2014.
So, have you guys all heard about the coolest new fashion and design phenomenon? It’s not geek chick, or even steampunk. It's upcycling! Part One of Tegan's three part spotlight on upcycling shows us how cool reusing goods can be, and features a couple of projects that highlight how buying second hand is an innovation, not a last resort. Read the full story »

DIY: Upcycled T-shirt Scarf

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Fashion Design 4 change Craft Environment
15 Dec 2013.
Got some old t-shirts lying around that you never wear, but still can't bare to part with? Looking to make a positive contribution to the fight against unnecessary waste (and look fabulous while doing it?) Want to be a part of the upcycling phenomenon but don't know where to start? Well never fear because 3things is here to show you how to do just that; in this easy-peasy DIY tutorial, Tegan shows you how to make a super cute, lightweight scarf without even having to touch a sewing machine! Read the full story »

How to make Bloodless Fashion

By: Mridula, posted in: Fashion Design 4 change Community
25 Nov 2013.
"Drop us a tenner and we'll tag your sweet sweet name on a wall somewhere then instagram it when the time is right" promises the crowd-funding campaign of ethical yet very hip streetwear label Bloodless. These 22 year old change-makers are infesting wardrobes with ethics, without losing the design edge Gen Y seeks, they are a welcome face in a homogeneous market for ethical fashion. They tell me a little bit about their label that is a social enterprise creating street-smart tees that donates its profits to fund an entrepreneur working for change in a developing nation. Read the full story »

Repurpose your formal dress!

By: Emily Chantler, posted in: Fashion Ethical Fashion Month
09 Sep 2013.
Five solutions to repurpose your formal dress once your end-of-year evening is over! All you need is basic sewing skills, a generous spirit and/or some creative ideas. Read the full story »

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