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Global Warming=Beer Decline Warning

By: Felicity Wainwright, posted in: Food Environment
14 Apr 2014.
If you enjoy chocolate, beer and/or apples, unbury the term ‘Climate Change’ from your high school memories and place it into your immediate vocabulary. It’s no longer just a scientific term, it’s also become something which is threatening the existence of our most favoured foods. Read the full story »

Seriously wasted.

By: Margaret Tran, posted in: Food Environment
07 Apr 2014.
Did you know that it's estimated about one third of food produced in the world is lost or wasted? That’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food. Every year. That crazy amount of food would take up 1.4 billion hectares of land. You wouldn’t think it, but food waste is also a pretty hefty contributor to global warming and climate change. How, you ask? Margaret Tran sums up the top 3 unexpected ways food waste is linked to climate change and looks at some new ways of looking at the problem. Read the full story »

Don't Palm It Off

By: Emily Chantler, posted in: Food Environment health 3things Fairtrade
01 Apr 2014.
For Emily, palm oil has always been a bit of an eco buzzword – somehow she knew it was best to avoid it, had a vague idea of its link to orangutans and high-fived with the rest of them when Cadbury removed it from their chocolate. It wasn’t until she started to research and write this blog post, however, that she realized how truly ubiquitous and detrimental a product Palm Oil actually is. Here she gives you the low down on what all the fuss is about, some cool product substitutions and how you can flip unsustainable palm oil the middle finger. Read the full story »

Permaculture. Perma-whatnow?

By: Imogen, posted in: Tech Food Global village Politics Environment 3things
25 Mar 2014.
If you’re at all interested in sustainability, be that in development, agriculture, architecture and many more one word always seems to crop up: permaculture. But what exactly is it? Why are we interested in permaculture? And more importantly, why should YOU be? Read the full story »

Can #instafood combat #instawaste?

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Food Global village Community
20 Jan 2014.
While there are conflicting opinions on the effect Instagraming our food has on the way we eat, what about the effect it has on the way we waste? Sure, we are more focused on our food than ever before, but can a heightened visual awareness of what we put in our mouths flow back into more sustainable and less wasteful eating practices Check out this blog written by one of our Design 4 Change bloggers Stephanie Lewis about movements that are turning our #instafoodporn into some #instagood. Read the full story »

Stand for Land: Feet never looked so good

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Food Environment 3things Fairtrade Human Rights
06 Dec 2013.
It has oft been said that we are living in the age of the selfie. But what if we could use this obsession with capturing ourselves on camera for something a little more selfless? Well, it appears that Oxfam might have just cracked that code, with a little help from photography app EyeEm, and we at 3things are here to tell you how to get involved with the movement (or stand, as it were)! Read the full story »

Now that's some suh-weeeeet news!

By: 3things, posted in: Food 3things Poverty Fairtrade Human Rights
26 Nov 2013.
Sometimes, it can feel like all the protesting, and campaigning, and signing, and shouting falls on deaf ears. Sometimes, it feels like all the living ethically we do, and riding to work and buying fair trade and composting doesn't make that much of a difference. Sometimes, we feel small and powerless. But then, we band together and something magical happens. Like it did this month, when we changed the minds of one of the biggest companies in the world.... and that's some seriously sweet sugar, baby. Read the full story »

A message in a giant bottle

By: Clancy, posted in: Food Poverty
22 Nov 2013.
“What the hellare you doing with that ridiculously oversized bottle of Pepsi?” asked the bemused conductor at Sydney’s Central Station this morning. What, doesn't a giant 2 metre bottle with thousands of people's names on the back normally join the throngs of commuters on a Sydney train?! Just another day in the life here at 3things HQ... Read the full story »

Who's up for a spot of Guerrilla Gardening?

By: Gabriela, posted in: Food Environment Community
28 Oct 2013.
Ron Finley's eco-lutionary TEDTalk about turning South Central L.A.'s vacant lots into "food forests" is as mind-blowing as the concept itself. His approach to gardening is truly inspiring: 'Gardening is another form of art and I plant for beauty. I want all kinds of different heights and color pops. Vegetable gardens to me are boring as hell; I plant like a mosaic.' And did I mention how funny he is? 'Seeds are about to be the new contraband. You're going to have little old ladies on the corner stringing organic seeds.' Ha! Read the full story »

You absolute legends....

By: 3things, posted in: Food Fair Food Month
22 Oct 2013.
Last Wednesday was World Food Day and as part of our work fighting poverty and hunger, we asked you to Eat Local Feed Global with friends or family and do your bit to reduce hunger around the world. And you answered a resounding ‘hell Yes!’ Read the full story »

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