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The Fox and the Found: The Power of a Great Childhood Story

Albert Einstein said "If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." At the risk of sounding nerdish, books are hands down the most valuable gifts I ever received as a child. What better choice for a meaningful gift than your favourite childhood book? I started thinking that I should create a master list of all the favourite childhood classics with a great moral lesson and forever have the greatest children’s present guide on hand…So I went on a little vox-pop mission with some of my mates to find out whether they had a fave child hood book that taught them a very important lesson. Read the full story »

You're never too old for a little homework

Being a refugee is hard enough, let alone being a refugee child at a new school, in a new language with a different language and schooling system. Organisations around New South Wales are helping refugee children adapt to their new educational environment by creating places where people can volunteer their time to help these kids with their homework. It's a wonder how something so simple as having someone to help you do your homework can help so much. Read on and find out where you can help! Read the full story »

Permaculture. Perma-whatnow?

By: Imogen, posted in: Tech Food Global village Politics Environment 3things
25 Mar 2014.
If you’re at all interested in sustainability, be that in development, agriculture, architecture and many more one word always seems to crop up: permaculture. But what exactly is it? Why are we interested in permaculture? And more importantly, why should YOU be? Read the full story »

Oi, where's my $8 million Christmas bonus?

Did you know that right after the GFC, real estate prices on Manhattan only continued to increase, while you could buy a house in Detroit for US$5.. And that's America! Global inequality is a massive problem we all face as a global community... Read the full story »

Hanging with the Rangas & Other Volunteering tales

Volunteering overseas is something I’ve always said I would do - many a time have I typed the words into Google and spent a few hours indecisively scrolling through possible destinations and projects only to shut the whole window down and convince myself it’s something I’ll organise later - either when the timing is more convenient, I’ve saved a bit more money or I’m ahead on my uni work. I know I’m not the only person who does this – so many friends have told me of their endeavours to volunteer overseas only to fall back on the tried and tested excuses of above – all the more reason why I was so impressed when Matt came into my work in search of travel-sized shampoo because in two short weeks he was off to Borneo to volunteer with orangutans. Here he talks to us about his incredibly (and sticky!) adventures. Read the full story »

To Do: Change The World (from your laptop)

What has been on your to-do list this summer? Become a cooking whizz, with culinary skills to rival the likes of Jamie Oliver? Explore new places with friends on days off? Hit up as many festivals as humanly possible? What about changing the world? Understandably, some things seem more achievable than others but if changing the world seems a bit too ambitious for a summer project, never fear. 3things has found just the thing to help you make the changes you want to see... all from the comfort of your laptop. Read the full story »

Can #instafood combat #instawaste?

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Food Global village Community
20 Jan 2014.
While there are conflicting opinions on the effect Instagraming our food has on the way we eat, what about the effect it has on the way we waste? Sure, we are more focused on our food than ever before, but can a heightened visual awareness of what we put in our mouths flow back into more sustainable and less wasteful eating practices Check out this blog written by one of our Design 4 Change bloggers Stephanie Lewis about movements that are turning our #instafoodporn into some #instagood. Read the full story »

Dream job? Yes please.

Have you every thought about working overseas? You've got your degree. You've done a bit of work but you're absolutely dying to get into the field? Well, my friend, AYAD is right where it's at. A few of our friends and staff have volunteered with AYAD and many more have gone on to work for Austraining later in their careers. Both are an initiative of the Australian Government and both place skilled professionals on worthwhile assignments in developing countries. Go along to an Information Session in your hear, hear from returned volunteers and be inspired to live and work overseas. Read the full story »

3things at Falls!

We love a good festival over at 3things and we’re super (like super) stoked to be joining you lot at Falls Festival in Marion Bay this year. Good beats, good beers and a ripping New Years Eve - we'll be celebrating with you all weekend. So stop by, say hey and give us your 3things while you get your face-painted by one of our lovely volunteers! Falls Festival is pretty renowned for it's environmental and sustainable commitments so we love supporting them (and you!) and we can't wait to bring in the New Year with ya (awwww!) Read the full story »

Girl Rising: One Seriously Unmissable Film

Sometimes, a film sneaks up on you. You go in with moderately hopeful expectations thinking you might see, at best, 90 minutes of escapism from the humdrum of your existence. Then something entirely unexpected happens. Without warning, it makes you laugh and weep and gape concurrently and leaves you breathless. If it’s really powerful, something inside you will shift forever and you’ll be compelled to want to do something about it. Girl Rising is one such film. Here Catherine explores why the film knocked her socks off and why the education of girls is so critical, from GDP to health. Read the full story »

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