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YOLO, y'know, so why not start a bucket list?

By: 3things, posted in: Travel Sport Environment Humanitarian
18 Oct 2013.
What attracts us to the bucket list? Surely the grand experience of life isn’t meant to be reduced to a checklist? Considering YOLO (you only live once) Nicola Parise discusses why the bucket list can be an awesome force for good. Read the full story »

4500km Global Poverty Walk

In February this year, Matt started an incredible journey to walk across the country from Perth to Sydney while bouncing an AFL ball. He crossed the Nullarbor in sweltering 40+ degree heat and walked through often torrential rain, hail and shine for close to five months covering a distance of 4500kms. Read the full story »

Your local community farm: just around the corner

By: Victoria Street, posted in: Sport Food Environment health Community
02 May 2013.
I'm a quintessential city kid. Everything I know about farming I learned from Waterworld: you need dirt. But even as a city kid I know that we, unlike poor Kevin Costner, live in a country that has pretty great dirt (although apparently it's actually called 'soil'). How would a city kid know that? A few days ago I car-pooled with a few of the Alfalfa House crew to visit one of their suppliers, Common2Us. Common2Us is an organic community farm in Dural, only an hour out of Sydney's center. Read the full story »

Ian Thorpe's open letter

By: 3things, posted in: Sport Politics Indigenous
18 Apr 2013.
Dear state, territory and federal government leaders, I got behind the Close the Gap campaign because I believed it’s totally unacceptable that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples die 10–17 years younger than non-Indigenous Australians. Read the full story »

Street Football Making a Splash!

Football. Freshly cut green grass… loud piercing whistles… large empty white nets… deep blue water. That’s right - water.

Not what you ordinarily associate with football, but that is because you do not ordinarily see football being played on a 23 tonne floating pitch in the middle of Sydney Harbour! Not unless you also went along to see the amazing third annual Street Football Festival.

Read the full story »

Wheelies Week: Samuel is cycling through Schoolies Week to raise money for Oxfam

By: Bink, posted in: Sport Students Poverty Humanitarian
07 Nov 2012.

Those of us with only very blurry memories of our own Schoolies Week are in awe of 18-year-old Samuel Anderson, a keen cyclist who's in Year 12 at Toowoomba Grammar School in Queensland.

He's graduating soon but instead of hitting the beach and booze for Schoolies Week, he's hitting the saddle to raise money for the West African Food Crisis in a week-long challenge he's dubbed Wheelies Week.

Read the full story »

Fighting Bulls and Other Ethical Quandries

By: Patrick, posted in: Travel Sport Politics Poverty
02 Aug 2012.
So a man goes into a restaurant and he eats the matador's testicles. I forgot the rest of the joke but bullfighting is violent and confusing. Here Patrick looks at the quandry between culture and animal rights, as well as pondering other ethical dilemmas. Read the full story »

Playing fair at the Olympics goes beyond passing a dope test

U.S athlete, John Carlos raised his fist at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico to bring attention to the need for equality, justice and respect for human rights. You have the opportunity to make a stand during these Olympics by getting big sportswear companies like Nike, Puma and adidas to PlayFair and respect workers' rights. Read the full story »

Oxfam strives for a fair Olympics

The Olympics should encapsulate positive change, respect and fairness but surely this is not the attitude that is only taken up in the sports events. It should have an all-round approach for positive change if the Committee is to act as an international supporter of justice. Find out how Oxfam hope to make this hppen... Read the full story »

Reckon you're hardcore? Try this on for size.

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Events Sport
18 May 2012.
A huge part of Oxfam's fundraising every year is the utterly crazy but hugely fun Trailwalker 100km team walk in undere 48hrs, through gorgeous scenery around the country. Katie Lillyman was determined and mad enough to do it twice in both Melbourne and Sydney and talks us through the blustering highs and blistering lows. Sydney registrations close June 1st, are you up for it?! Read the full story »

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