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3things is a movement for global goodness. We believe if each of us take small positive steps, together we can make some big changes.


So whether you've got 3 minutes, 3 weeks or more, you can do 3things to change the world...

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things to help change the world

Permaculture. Perma-whatnow?

By: Imogen, posted in: Tech Food Global village Politics Environment 3things
25 Mar 2014.
If you’re at all interested in sustainability, be that in development, agriculture, architecture and many more one word always seems to crop up: permaculture. But what exactly is it? Why are we interested in permaculture? And more importantly, why should YOU be? Read the full story »

Tushare: making giving easy.

So what’s the difference between trash and treasure? And how and why do we decide between the two? Well James from TuShare suggests that quite simply, it is easier to chuck your old items in the bin, then to organise them to be sold, or donated, or gifted secondhand. Read the full story »

Taking to Social Media to forget the war...

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Travel Tech Politics
26 Feb 2014.
18-year-old high school student Ali Nasry is crazy about technology, idolising Apple heavyweights Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive. Unfortunately for Ali, his dreams of gaining a university education are under constant threat by the ongoing devastation of the city he calls home: Syria’s largest city, Aleppo. Timothy Fernandez from Vibewire finds out why. Read the full story »

Help Close the Gap with a Snap

By: Annalise, posted in: Tech Students health Uni Competitions Indigenous
18 Feb 2014.
If you’re into Instagram, you may have noticed little things called photo challenges taking the world by storm. We're getting in on the act, running an Instagram photo challenge 'specially for students during National Close the Gap Day. Get snap-happy, and you could get insta-famous AND win awesome prizes! Read the full story »

Will Internet.org prove to be a force for good?

By: William Manahan, posted in: Tech Global village
26 Sep 2013.
Internet.org's goal is to one day provide affordable internet access to everyone on earth. While they're not being ambiguous about the fact they eventually hope to profit from this venture, they also claim to be fighting for the better world this could also bring. Read the full story »

How to win a political argument on the internet

By: Bink, posted in: Tech Politics 3things
08 Jul 2013.
OK, maybe we can't show you how to win an argument online, but we can at least give you some tips on how to not lose. Whether you've kicked off a Twitter showdown with your pro-gay marriage tweet, or you've got a gripe about a friend's anti-refugees post on Facebook, there are a few things you can do to make digital debating less of a s---fight, and actually get your point across effectively. Read the full story »

Top 4 energy-saving appliances in the kitchen

By: Tara Nissl, posted in: Tech Food Environment Fair Food Month
03 Jul 2013.
This month’s Grow Challenge is “Cook Smart”, which is all about the kitchen and how to be more energy efficient. Some of the obvious methods include boiling water with the lid on, turning down the heat once the water starts boiling, and turning off the stove a few minutes before you finish cooking. But what about kitchen appliances? Here are four examples of energy-saving appliances, both for your energy bill and the climate. Read the full story »

Are microwaves bad for the environment?

By: Bink, posted in: Tech Food Environment
03 Jul 2013.
We've all heard the debate about whether or not microwave ovens are bad for our health, but are they bad for the planet too? A 'heated' argument (pardon the pun!) with my sister inspired me to investigate… Read the full story »

Energy-efficient cooking: The numbers

By: Margaret Tran, posted in: Tech Food Environment Fair Food Month
03 Jul 2013.
With a little common sense, it’s not too hard taking small steps to reduce the amount of energy we use to cook our favourite foods. To give you a rough idea of just how much energy is used, we’ve compiled a short list of typical meals we might create and the average energy it takes to make them. Read the full story »


By: Emily Chantler, posted in: Tech Environment trade
18 Jun 2013.
It’s estimated that there are roughly 23 million unused mobile phones currently stored in Australian homes. That equates to more than 48 tonnes of copper and 65 tonnes of plastic that could be recycled! Read the full story »

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