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Tales from Vietnam: Where Everyone's a Winner

Aah, Vietnam… The land of motorbikes transporting all kinds of cray (water buffalo just hangin' out on the back); pho and a beer for >$5; jungles, beaches, and bad tattoo decision making. It's no myth when people warn ya of crossing the road in Hanoi or Saigon - I have feared for my toes on almost every road crossing. Read the full story »

Syria: closer to home than you'd think.

By: Imogen, posted in: Travel 3things Uni Poverty Humanitarian
17 Mar 2014.
It's approaching three years since the outbreak of the Syrian civil-war. The news coverage is everywhere; the statistics are staggering. And yet, what do we really know about Syria pre-conflict? How many of us have ever had the opportunity to visit in a time when the cities hummed with life instead of destruction? British student, Ellie Swingewood, made the decision to study abroad in 2010. Her experiences give us an incredible insight into the country she knew before war broke out. Read the full story »

Taking to Social Media to forget the war...

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Travel Tech Politics
26 Feb 2014.
18-year-old high school student Ali Nasry is crazy about technology, idolising Apple heavyweights Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive. Unfortunately for Ali, his dreams of gaining a university education are under constant threat by the ongoing devastation of the city he calls home: Syria’s largest city, Aleppo. Timothy Fernandez from Vibewire finds out why. Read the full story »

Hanging with the Rangas & Other Volunteering tales

Volunteering overseas is something I’ve always said I would do - many a time have I typed the words into Google and spent a few hours indecisively scrolling through possible destinations and projects only to shut the whole window down and convince myself it’s something I’ll organise later - either when the timing is more convenient, I’ve saved a bit more money or I’m ahead on my uni work. I know I’m not the only person who does this – so many friends have told me of their endeavours to volunteer overseas only to fall back on the tried and tested excuses of above – all the more reason why I was so impressed when Matt came into my work in search of travel-sized shampoo because in two short weeks he was off to Borneo to volunteer with orangutans. Here he talks to us about his incredibly (and sticky!) adventures. Read the full story »

3things from 2people: South East Asian style

By: 3things, posted in: Travel 3things
12 Jan 2014.
We've had 3things come in from Dubbo to Denmark, Caloundra to Canada. But these are our first two Thai and Cambodian contributions, gathered recently when two of our team members were running some workshops in Phnom Penh. Never content to just relax by the pool with something coconutty after a long days work, we asked two absolute legends doing amazing things in their communities for their 3things to change the world. Read the full story »

Dream job? Yes please.

Have you every thought about working overseas? You've got your degree. You've done a bit of work but you're absolutely dying to get into the field? Well, my friend, AYAD is right where it's at. A few of our friends and staff have volunteered with AYAD and many more have gone on to work for Austraining later in their careers. Both are an initiative of the Australian Government and both place skilled professionals on worthwhile assignments in developing countries. Go along to an Information Session in your hear, hear from returned volunteers and be inspired to live and work overseas. Read the full story »

Christmas a la Kenya

By: Simone, posted in: Travel Christmas
20 Dec 2013.
Simone loves a home Christmas - boozing, napping, Gran's rock cake - what's not to love?! But last year she had a very unconventional Christmas a world away from home... and now fondly referes to it as 'The Best Christmas Ever'. Find out why, and how to recreate a bit of that magic and meaning in a world where at Christmas, we end up spending $25 billion on each other and only $2 billion on the people who need it. Read the full story »

YOLO, y'know, so why not start a bucket list?

By: 3things, posted in: Travel Sport Environment Humanitarian
18 Oct 2013.
What attracts us to the bucket list? Surely the grand experience of life isn’t meant to be reduced to a checklist? Considering YOLO (you only live once) Nicola Parise discusses why the bucket list can be an awesome force for good. Read the full story »

Girl Rising: One Seriously Unmissable Film

Sometimes, a film sneaks up on you. You go in with moderately hopeful expectations thinking you might see, at best, 90 minutes of escapism from the humdrum of your existence. Then something entirely unexpected happens. Without warning, it makes you laugh and weep and gape concurrently and leaves you breathless. If it’s really powerful, something inside you will shift forever and you’ll be compelled to want to do something about it. Girl Rising is one such film. Here Catherine explores why the film knocked her socks off and why the education of girls is so critical, from GDP to health. Read the full story »

AYAD: Where Are They Now? Journalist Miranda Grant

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Travel Global village Profile Volunteer
26 Aug 2013.
Before she was named the Walkley Young Online Journalist of the Year in 2012, freelance journalist and documentary producer Miranda Grant travelled to Mongolia to host a youth TV show as an Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) volunteer. Each week, the show explored a different aspect of Mongolian culture and investigated developmental issues, such as homosexuality, violence and the impact of mining. Read the full story »

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