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Friday night fun

By: Joanne L, posted in: Music and arts Global village
18 Aug 2011.
Sydney Uni is going great guns at the moment. This week is Humanitarian Week – a week-long festival that “brings social justice, ethical thinking and humanitarian issues to the fore, with a positive and inspiring twist”.


Cathy Tran and Kristy Samal have put together a crackerjack program. The week has been crammed with loads of great activities and events each day. If you have a soft spot for puns you’d have been all over Monday’s ‘Fun ‘Fair’stival!’ (gettit?!). Well played Humanitarian Week, well played.

Humanitarian Week PosterSpeaking of play, tomorrow’s wrap-up party at Hermann’s Bar sounds like fun. So if your Friday night hijinks aren’t planned yet, that’s always an option for our Sydney friends.

It's so great to see social justice issues being explored in a fun, engaging and fantastic way!

We love hearing about the amazing things our 3things friends are involved with, so do let us know what you’re up to!

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Jo works her tech-y/journo-y pixie magic for 3things. She'd also love to roller derby, most likely for the puntastic nickname that comes with it. It seems that it wasn't just the Whip It soundtrack that made its mark...


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