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Swapping Powerlessnes For Social Change

With the Syrian conflict being far from over, many of us feel powerless in the face of the staggering numbers. However one Bristol street artist, Ryan Kai, chose to bring awareness to the crisis through creativity, by painting the Love Syria mural for Oxfam, in July 2013, in Stokes Croft - an area known for its vibrant art and colourful murals. He also very generously answered some of our questions on the subject:
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Pharrell Williams is happy: The G-star raw collab

By: Guest Blogger, posted in: Design 4 change Environment 3things
24 Feb 2014.
Pharrell Williams and his gigantic hat, recently announced his collaboration with G-Star Raw to introduce a line of denim jeans which incorporate the use of Bionic Yarn. Through work with the Vortex project, an initiative to clean the millions of tonnes of plastic in the ocean, Bionic yarn develops extra strength fibres made using plastic waste. Pharrell is a modern day hit producing machine, expanding his talents into fashion, but not just any fashion; green, sustainable, quality, of the future fashion
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DIY: Upcycled T-shirt Scarf

By: Tegan Webb, posted in: Fashion Design 4 change _blog Craft Environment
15 Dec 2013.
Got some old t-shirts lying around that you never wear, but still can't bare to part with? Looking to make a positive contribution to the fight against unnecessary waste (and look fabulous while doing it?) Want to be a part of the upcycling phenomenon but don't know where to start? Well never fear because 3things is here to show you how to do just that; in this easy-peasy DIY tutorial, Tegan shows you how to make a super cute, lightweight scarf without even having to touch a sewing machine!
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And they say you can't change the world from bed...

By: Catherine C, posted in: Events Design 4 change festivals 3things
09 Dec 2013.
It’s the oft-posed hypothetical: who would your ideal fantasy dinner party guests be? Oxfam's Design for Change staff, never ones for conventionality, decided to take that one step further last week and plot who they’d like to be in bed with. And then asked those inspiring change-makers to join them in a makeshift boudoir.
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How to make Bloodless Fashion

By: Mridula, posted in: Fashion Design 4 change Community
25 Nov 2013.
"Drop us a tenner and we'll tag your sweet sweet name on a wall somewhere then instagram it when the time is right" promises the crowd-funding campaign of ethical yet very hip streetwear label Bloodless. These 22 year old change-makers are infesting wardrobes with ethics, without losing the design edge Gen Y seeks, they are a welcome face in a homogeneous market for ethical fashion. They tell me a little bit about their label that is a social enterprise creating street-smart tees that donates its profits to fund an entrepreneur working for change in a developing nation.
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A New Kind of Art: Garbage­

By: Tara Nissl, posted in: Design 4 change _blog Craft Environment
19 Nov 2013.
It's Art and Social Justice month here at 3things and nowadays, it seems like the two are almost always interlinked. For instance did you manage to check out this year’s Sculptures by the Sea exhibition in Bondi & see how many pieces were created out of everyday garbage? Here Tara looks at famous art works with an environmental message and why art and ethical issues are very much entwined.
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Take a Break, Take a Close Look...

Winner of the latest Design for Change challenge 'Behind the Brands', Adam Lawdor popped into the Oxfam office for a chat about his design process, being a sleuth and making people stop and think about big business. Adam’s work addressed the ‘Behind the Brands’ brief that looks to challenge and cultivate positive change within big corporations to think about their ethics.
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Graffiti is for Chumps…Or is it for Champs?!

By: Tida Tippapart, posted in: Design 4 change _blog Film
29 Aug 2013.
Channel some disco cool for ways to shake up the system one spray can at a time. Design for Change is an online hub for creative folk to tackle of the world's biggest problems.
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Back to School and Uni: Sustainable Stationary

Seeded paper, recyclable stationery and even notebooks made from animal poo! Shopping for school materials is getting a whole lot greener. Check out some of our favourite sustainable stationary products!
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The first Design for Change e-book

By: 3things, posted in: Design 4 change Environment 3things
27 Jun 2013.
When the solutions for the Design for Change Food Waste challenge started coming in, we were blown away by the creative and innovative ideas for minimizing food waste. We’re excited to share the best of these solutions with you here in the first Design for Change e-book!
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