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by: 3things, 23 Jan 2013.

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Are you a creative type looking to use your skills for good and not just hilarious internet cat memes?

Whether you're a designer or communicator, or just a doodler, dreamer or mad keen Photoshopper, then there's a way you can turn your unique way of looking at the world into something awesome that could actually change the world.

Oxfam's Design for Change is a new online space where creative minds can come together to forge innovative solutions to global problems.

The first challenge on the Design for Change platform asks you to come up with solutions to Australia’s food waste problem, which is currently putting massive pressure on our global food system.

Anyone with an idea can participate in the creative process, you don't have to be an expert or professional. You can also comment on other people's solutions and get advice from established professionals.

Your solutions have the potential to become a real Oxfam campaign, and of course there are prizes to be won.

Find out more at - watch the video, read the brief and open your toolkit to get started.

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