October is Fair Food Month

When: 1 - 31 Oct 2012

Where: All Over

It's Fair Food Month!

Throughout October we'll be delving into the world of food to find out what's really going on around the world with food. Why does hunger exist when there's enough food for everyone? Why is the current food system broken and what can we do to help fix it? Who are the hungry people and where are they? And what does eating seasonally have to do with it all?

Check out our 'Explore Fair Food Month' page where you can read up onĀ blogs, watch videos, check out the infographs, tips, pics, DIY event kits and other bits exploring our food system. We've brought together good information and resources to feast your eyes on, and areĀ providing opportunities for how YOU can join the movement of people who are working together to grow a better food future, where everyone has enough to eat, always.

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