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3things is a movement for global goodness. We believe if each of us take small positive steps, together we can make some big changes.

So whether you've got 3 minutes, 3 weeks or more, you can do 3things to change the world...

An initiative of Oxfam Australia.


people are doing...


things to help change the world

Share The Love

3things is like finding a bargain pair of shoes when you were out shopping on your own. You have to share it, or else it didn’t really happen, right? We cross our hearts that 3things won’t fill your friend’s newsfeeds with pictures of the dying or constant pleas for more money. That’s not what we are on about. This is a big conversation that you’re a part of, ‘how can we make our lives, as insignificant as they can sometimes feel, count for people facing the challenges like poverty and climate change all around the world. Share the love, make some friends, and change the world.

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There's a bunch of ways to get involved with 3things:
1. Street team
Join our events street team and hit up the streets with the 3things chalkboard.  You need to be great at talking to strangers, interested in taking good photos, and happy to carry around a box of chalk for the day.

2. Blog for 3things
Every 3 months, we're on the lookout for new content producers. You can also write a 3things-style blog post on your own blog (let us know when you do!), or be a freelance 3things blogger and send us stories whenever you have the time.

3. Become and Intern

Soon we'll be looking for interns to be involved in design, social media, research, marketing and web development for the site. Check out VIVA for vacancies or let us know if you're interested for upcoming posts!

4. [insert job description]
If you're keen to volunteer in any other way, send us an email letting us know what you're interested in, and when you're available. We'll see what we can do!

Email us at 3things[at]oxfam.org.au

3things Online

In December 2011 Australians spent the equivalent of 48,000 years online, a quarter of this time we spent on Facebook.  I’m willing to guess that my share is probably a little higher seeing as my grandparents have trouble with that World Wide Web thing.

Despite this huge amount of time we spend online, connected with people all around the world and with an unprecedented access to information, we still head over to the same small bunch of big , corporate media suppliers for our news.  But we’re learning.  Despite the personalized advertising on facebook and the same news schlock on ninemsn people have suggested lots of small ways that they are using social media and online tools to make a positive impact on the world and the people we share it with.

Find Friends

Just because you find it hard to get the friends you see all the time to even talk about the things you’re passionate about, people do exist that don’t spend all their time gaming online or willing the Olsen twins to make their acting comeback. Have an idea? Share it and you might be surprised who is keen to get onboard.

Change.org has simple tools to start your revolution
Be an advocate for the change you want to see.

Find Funding

Lamington drives and bake sales no longer have the monopoly on fundraising. Movies, album recording, water sanitation projects,  start up businesses, social awareness campaigns have all gotten off the ground thanks to crowd sourced funding.

What’s really cool about this is that the things that people actually care about and not just causes that fit with a company’s agenda or image that get funded. Check out Give Now and Pozible, two Australian sites that will help you get on your way with a step by step approach to getting your idea of the ground. It takes some work, and it might not work, but it may be the push that your idea needs.

More importantly, crowd sourcing works because people give money to see stuff get off the ground that they think is worthwhile. Go on; throw some money behind a project that grabs your attention.

Support Independent Media

Help support independent journalism in bringing you informative information about issues that sometimes get swept under the rug. A few ways you can help is by subscribing to your favourite independent news sources which helps support the dedicated journalists who keep you informed. Subscribe and/or donate to respected news organisations, such as Investigative News Network. By donating, you are keeping investigative journalism alive.
Earth-shattering investigative journalism doesn't write itself, so your donation to foundations like Human Rights Watch, ProPublica, Center for Investigative Reporting and iWatch News, keeps the ink flowing.

NEWSFLASH! February 2012 saw the launch of Australia's first non-subscription, non-advertising, independent online media site from some of the best journalists in the country. The Global Mail is fully philanthropically funded and has no alterior agenda. Check it out.

Advertising Awareness


Martin Kirk, from Oxfam Great Britain wrote that it’s ‘hard to overstate the incredible reach of commercial advertising into our lives today—we are wrapped in it from cradle to grave—and yet we have traditionally paid precious little heed to its influence when looking at how to bring about positive social change.’  We need to understand the influence that advertising has on us, on what we feel like we are allowed to do with our lives, on the kinds of jobs we should take and on the kind of lives we should be living.

  • Check out Adbusters: a free, non-profit, magazine raising awareness on the challenge that advertising and buying more stuff has on achieving change.

  • Think of me as Evil? The report on advertising and social change that Martin Kirk was commenting on above. Written by the  World Wildlife Fund it takes advertising task in how much it hinders us from making real change.

  • ABC’s Media Watch keeps an eye on the people who bring you your news.

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