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3things is a movement for global goodness. We believe if each of us take small positive steps, together we can make some big changes.

So whether you've got 3 minutes, 3 weeks or more, you can do 3things to change the world...

An initiative of Oxfam Australia.


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things to help change the world

The Environment

Our planet is paying the price for constant ‘progress’, with pollution, climate change and the extinction of many plants and animals now a reality. The worst part is it’s often the poorest communities who pay the highest price. Many corporations are not held responsible for the pollution they create in developing countries, so the poor people affected are forced to live with the consequences or foot the bill for the cleanup.

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On the blog

COP18, Arab climate activists, where your phone goes to die, and more!
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All about Kyoto

Heard of the Kyoto Protocol but not sure what it is? Here's the deal, in a handy infographic...
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Latest Initiative

Got a smart idea to help the environment? Share it on Oxfam's Design For Change platform.
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Top Ten Tips

10 simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the planet.
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Featured Video

This is Ursula Rakova. The Cataret Islands are drowning and she's the woman with the plan.
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Learn More

Need more info about how to save the environment? Here are some great links to get you started.

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